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HB 908 Support

HNLEA PROVIDES SUPPORT OF MARYLAND HOUSE BILL 908 TO the Judiciary Committee of the Maryland House of Delegates The Hispanic National Law Enforcement Association (HNLEA) wholeheartedly supports House Bill 908 as amended, Police Training and Standards Commission – Police Officer Certification, allowing lawfully admitted permanent residents of the United States to be eligible for law enforcement certification.The Hispanic National Law Enforcement Association is a nonprofit association of Latino and minority law enforcement professionals involved in the administration of justice and dedicated to the advancement of Hispanic and minority interests in the law enforcement profession.HNLEA supports this amendment because of the great need for law enforcement across the country to be reflective of the communities we serve. Many times, agencies across the country struggle to find qualified minorities that are reflective of the communities they serve. Allowing permanent residents the opportunity to serve in the law enforcement field could increase the pool of qualified police applicants. In addition, events such as Ferguson Mo., Chicago Ill., Baltimore Md., and recently reported unfair police practices in Prince George’s County Md. have eroded the trust in law enforcement by minority communities to unprecedented levels. This has fueled a greater need for diversity within the law enforcement community in order to rebuild trust. From a community policing perspective, being more reflective of the community we serve builds trust and creates new partnerships. A small gesture such as speaking one's native language can go a long way in building this trust. Trust that is needed in order to efficiently solve crimes and effectively serve the people. Amendment of House Bill 908 would help law enforcement regain its edge and repair the damage done from negative police community relations. HNLEA urges a positive report on House Bill 908.There is more Strength in Unity than division.Where there is Unity, there is always success.

Hispanic National Law Enforcement Association

National Capitol Region

P.O. Box 766 Cheltenham, Maryland 20623 240-244-9189Affiliated with the United Black Police Officers Association