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Christmas Baskets 2015

15th Annual Christmas Baskets for Needy FamiliesFor the past 15 years law enforcement associations within the Prince George’s County Police Department have organized and offered to the neediest in their community Christmas food baskets. For the past two years the HAPCOA National Capitol Region Chapter has co-sponsored this outstanding community event.This year’s event occurred on Friday, December 18, 2015 at the Prince George’s County Police Community Policing Services Building located in Langley Park, MD. Over 1,400 red bags were loaded with much needed food items, cooking supplies, gifts and then were presented to the public who attended this event.Supporting law enforcement associations worked with community leaders and organizations to raise and collect all the donated food items and gifts. They also worked with a local Spanish language radio station that was broadcasting live from this site to encourage and remind members of the Latino community to attend this yearly event.Law enforcement organizations hosting this years event included: The Hispanic Law Enforcement Association, the United Black Police Officers’ Association, Agregados Policiales de Latino America (APALA), HAPCOA, along with members of the Prince George’s County Police and Sheriff’s Department.The HAPCOA National Capitol Region Chapter and President Lt. Joe Perez (PGCPD) are to be commended for organizing another outstanding event benefiting the Latino community of Prince George’s County, MD. Also participating in this event was HAPCOA National Board 2nd VP Richard Rosa and HAPCOA Executive Director Anthony Chapa.

Hispanic National Law Enforcement Association

National Capitol Region

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