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2014 Strength in Unity Awards Banquet

2014 Strength in Unity Awards Banquet On November 15, the Hispanic National Law Enforcement Association (HNLEA), and the United Black Police Officers’ Association (UBPOA) held the annual Strength in Unity Awards banquet. The consistent theme expressed throughout the event was the need for us all to “strive to appreciate culture and diversity through unity.” A number of influential speakers expressed that same desire for each of their respective law enforcement agencies.Richard Rosa, 4th Vice President of the Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association (HAPCOA) was quoted, “when speaking of diversity, you must also mention inclusion.” In addition, Mark Magaw, Chief of the Prince George’s County Police Department, was quoted as saying, “This is what makes us better.” Tony Chapa, HAPCOA Executive Director, gave the keynote speech that emphasized interconnected values and our reliance on each other. Attendees of all backgrounds connected with his ideas and vision for the future. He explained that HAPCOA is the nation’s oldest Latino law enforcement organization. Tony showed HAPCOA’s 40th Anniversary video and introduced HAPCOA’s National Capitol Region chapter. He left us with these inspiring words:“Our motto at HAPCOA is ‘Power in Unity for the Common Good.’ As such, together we can better serve our departments and our communities. But only if we work together can we truly empower the future of law enforcement which, now more than ever, requires our vision, our inclusion, and your leadership.” Mr. Chapa was presented with an award of Special Recognition for his support to the cause of diversity in law enforcement. In addition, a number of other honorary awards were presented throughout the event. The President’s Award was presented to Oscar Rodriguez Jr, Secretary of HAPCOA’s National Capitol Region; the Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Cesar Pacheco, Vice President of HAPCOA’s National Capitol Region chapter; Leadership Awards were given to both Richard Rosa and Tony Chapa “in appreciation for their leadership and support”. The gala concluded with 350 attendees representing multiple law enforcement agencies, civic associations, public institutions, and community leaders enjoying company and comradery. Xavier Morales, National President of HAPCOA and Manny Ovalle, Director at Large were present to support the event. The night was a huge success.There is more Strength in Unity than division.Where there is Unity, there is always success.

Hispanic National Law Enforcement Association

National Capitol Region

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